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What types of establishments is Mimu suitable for?

Mimu is suitable for all large, medium and small venues, including restaurants, bars, and cafes. It can also be used for retail scenarios with click and collect functionality.

Does Mimu support online orders?

Yes, Mimu is optimized for online ordering and payment.

Can Mimu integrate with an existing POS system?

Yes, Mimu can integrate with all POS systems, either directly or via a third-party service provider such as Doshii.

Does Mimu allow for manual orders?

Yes, Mimu can work alongside traditional service channels, complementing order at counter or order at table service models.

Does Mimu handle food delivery services?

Yes, Mimu can provide food delivery services for venues.

What happens if there is a problem with an order?

Venues are able to chat to Mimu support staff who can assist with issues experienced by the venue. Logs of all transactions are kept, allowing for transparent and efficient troubleshooting.

How long is the bank reconciliation time frame with Mimu?

Bank reconciliation typically takes two business days, and each venue has access to their own dashboard, providing visibility of all transactions and banking, including pending and received payments.

What happens if there are network issues with Mimu?

If network issues prevent customers from using Mimu, traditional channels of service can be maintained by the venue.

Can Mimu help improve service timeframes?

Yes, customers can order at their convenience, allowing staff to focus on order fulfilment and customer service. Mimu can notify customers of expected wait times during very busy periods.

Does Mimu integrate with Myob or Xero?

All information can be exported from Mimu into a number of common file formats, including .csv and .xls.

Can the menu and prices be easily updated with Mimu?

Yes, Mimu will assist with menu creation during the venue onboarding process, and the customer Administration portal also allows for menu items and prices to be updated easily.

Does Mimu manage vouchers and coupons?

Yes, Mimu allows venues to create and use promotional codes, supporting venue or product marketing activities. Mimu also fully integrates with Salesforce.

Can Mimu process a split payment?

Yes, Mimu allows all customers on a table to order and pay separately while also providing functionality for customers to create a Tab, inviting friends and hosting events in an easy and straightforward manner.

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